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Facility management/Service Charge Management

Facilities Management is a specialized area of property management. It entails management of a property’s common services, which includes but is not limited to the following:-

  1. Refuse Collection 
  2. Security
  3. Street Lighting & Security Lighting
  4. Street parking & maintenance
  5. Access control
  6. Landscaping of common areas
  7. Sewer System Operation Management
  8. Pest Control
  9. Generator Operation & Maintenance
  10. Lift Maintenance
  11. Electric Fence Maintenance
  12. Payment of Land Rates and Rents
  13. Water reticulation and billing

Facilities Management ensures that a property, its surroundings and amenities are in good working order, thus developing a sound relationship between the residents (either tenants or owners), the estate management and the developer. This translates in the achievement of best value for money by balancing between user needs and business needs to achieve optimum organizational effectiveness.

The aim of Havilaplus Estates is to undertake the day-to-day management of property portfolios through ensuring smooth operations at all times. This is emphasized in our Mission which is “to create real value for your investment, property and places by availing superior Customer-Focussed services.

 This is achieved by careful attention to owners’ needs and effective control of service charge and recoveries in order to secure the sound performance of clients’ investments. The success of the Common Area Management function is the result of constant liaison with the residents through the provision of timely and accurate advice on management issues.

The key aspects of our services in this area are the following: –

  1. Repairs and maintenance of shared facilities within a property;
  2. Administration and collection of service charges;
  3. Negotiation of service contracts for common services;
  4. Preparation of accounts and budget for common services;
  5. Periodic as well as real time reporting on pertinent issues.

The costs of the above mentioned services are borne by the residents through service charge levy. The amount of service charge payable and mode of payment shall be determined by the management, having considered the estimated expenses and the costs of various commodities. Measures shall also be put in place to ensure timely and full payment of service charge as and when expected.

We shall institute effective service charge collection methods to avoid accumulation of arrears. We shall also be responsible for service charge allocation to use and accountability to owners, through the Estate Management Company and Court Management Company established for each estate and court respectively. A budget estimate is prepared each year and forms the basis on which recovery is made from tenants/residents.

Year- end independent audits are provided to residents and surplus or deficits are balanced prior to the new year of assessment. Charges must only relate to the cost of operating the specific building/estate/court including the management fees and salaries. Service Charge may, upon appropriate notice to members, be reviewed upwards, keeping in mind the rising costs of living.

The management will also employ relevant workmanship in each property to ensure smooth running of day to day duties and activities. This includes:-

  1. Security Guards
  2. Common Areas cleaners
  3. Property care taker
  4. Plumber
  5. Electrician

The management shall hold meetings with owners, as agreed between relevant parties to discuss issues affecting residents and/or management in order to come up with solutions. While it is the responsibility of the management to ensure excellent service delivery as well as “value for money” for owners, Havilaplus Estates endeavors to establish cordial relationships with the residents/owners in order to build excellence, integrity and fraternity.